The Program

The Vision to Business Program

What Does the Program Cover?
From a Vision to a Business Program; In this 8-week program we will walk you through the steps needed to take your vision from idea to conception. Our coaches provide you with customized resources and guide you through the tedious process of launching your business.

MODULE 1: Write the Vision
In this step you will develop a strong foundation. You’ll develop your unique vision, which paints a picture of exactly what you are passionate about and what you will do in and through your business.

MODULE 2: Structure your Vision
In this step we will develop a deeper level of thinking and discovery that you need to create meaningful, strong vision for your business. It’s also what sets you apart from your competitors. Most people completely skip this critical step. You won’t be one of them! This is the step where you create the standard for your brand.

MODULE 3: Grow your Business:
It’s a start to have a deep sense of where you want to take your business, but you need specifics. With the help of our expert recruiters, you’ll develop a plan that clearly outlines your goals, along with strategies and action steps to reach them. You’ll establish short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. Whether you DESPISE goal setting OR have a degree in it, you’ll create goals that are actionable, and you’ll get support and feedback! No more going through the goal-setting motions.

MODULE 4: Finance your Vision:
Once you have some clarity on what your vision entails. We need to consider the cost of getting started. The old saying is true; “It takes money to make money.” In this step we will address how much of a financial investment it will take you to launch your business. Also, offers great resources that can assist you in various aspects of your business, including real check stubs.

MODULE 5: Marketing Plan & Sales Process:
Gain clarity on who your target audience is in order to streamline your contact efforts. In this portion of the program, you’ll create your Ideal Client Profiles and craft your Marketing Plan, with a focus on connecting with your audience effectively. If you’re in the legal industry, consider exploring the services offered by 6 Chicago SEO companies for Law Firms to enhance your online visibility and reach.

MODULE 6: Business Systems:
During the business systems portion we will address the systems you need to make your business run smoothly. It is our aim to equip you with tools to help you work smart in the pursuit of your business success.

MODULE 7: Mindset, and Schedule:
Mindset makes the difference! You have to be consistently committed to your business. Most common areas you either help OR hinder yourself are: Mindset, Habits, and Priorities/Schedule. You’ll create your Ideal Weekly Schedule and master key next level habits for growth. We will also address the systems you need to make your business run smoothly.

MODULE 8: Launch your Business!
There is no better time than now to take the leap of faith! Let’s iron out the remaining elements you need to launch your business. Each perspective business will discover and address the holes that could hinder their launch.

The Business Coaches

The Business Coaches

Latasha Bailey

Mrs. Bailey is the CEO-Chief Empowerment Officer of The Lifted Lifestyle® LLC a training and development company focused on personal and professional development. As a result of working with The Lifted Lifestyle, her clients are experiencing greater confidence, more effective communication and increased productivity and profits!

Mrs. Bailey is an active member of the Forbes Coaches Council and has contributed to their expert panels that are designed to aid business owners in running high achieving businesses. She was named one of “Houston’s 40 Professionals to Watch Under 40 Years Old” by I-10 Media and she was also named Entrepreneur of the Year by Houston Power Professionals.

Latasha is an internationally certified coach, globally sought after speaker and business trainer. Mrs. Bailey is an expert at blending her training, personality and natural ability to connect into the perfect formula needed to move you into action!

After building and streamlining multiple successful businesses; Latasha enjoys traveling the globe with her husband, drinking coffee with her grandmother and finding new things that make her laugh from her belly.

Chazz Bailey

As a Professional, Certified Career Progression Coach, Certified Life Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker and Humanitarian, Chazz Bailey is guiding individuals to live their best lives through empowerment, community development, and mentorship.

Chazz Bailey is a graduate of Savannah State University with a duel Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems.  He also is a Certified Scrum Master, and holds a Masters of Business Administration Degree from Eastern New Mexico University where he graduated top of his class.  With a professional background in Corporate Relations, Community Outreach and Development, and the Oil Gas and Energy sector, Chazz Bailey has a clear determination to help grow businesses while motivating individuals and taking care of the community.

Though passionate about the professional environment, Chazz believes his natural calling is in empowering others to live their best life, and this dedicates him to being the C.O.O. of The Lifted Lifestyle, or as he calls it “The Creator of Opportunities.” Chazz strives to help others in living their best lives through speaking engagements, workshops and community outreach. With an uncanny ability to build relationships and camaraderie Chazz Bailey seeks to leave everyone with a positive scope on life no matter the environment.

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These sessions will be held at Harvest Point Fellowship Church.